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Elder Shee Rose

Manx Rosag Gin

70cl | 43% ABV

Introducing our new PINK celebration of our Island's many tangled tales of the mythical faeries who reside deep within the roots of the magical "Tramman".

A 'sister' gin to Elder Shee, our NEW Elder Shee Rose gin is a floral fusion of heady elderflower and delicate rose with hints of bergamot and pink citrus to create an elegantly smooth Manx "Rosag" (Rose) Gin.

Manx Dry Gin – Elder Shee

70cl | 43% ABV

Originally created as an exclusive "Gin of the Month" for The Craft Gin Club in June 2021, Elder Shee is distilled with elderflower, bringing heady floral notes that give way to the citrus tang of pink grapefruit and lemon, and herbal aromatics of lemon thyme and rosemary.

Manx Dry Gin – Kerala Chai

70cl | 43% ABV

One of the first gins to ever be created specifically for pairing with Asian cuisine, Kerala Chai has been designed in collaboration with 3rd generation spice merchant and Isle of Man chef, Kumar Menon of Leela's Kitchen, and features entirely Indian sourced botanicals - including wild foraged Himalayan juniper and single estate Assam tea, with Keralan Chai Masala spices.

Manx Dry Gin – Spring Edition

70cl | 43% ABV

Capturing the first rays of sunshine and a clean, refreshing Isle of Man breeze, warming juniper gives way to light, zesty lemon verbena, fresh mint and coriander with subtle hints of coconut and grassiness from hand-picked local gorse.

Manx Dry Gin – Summer Edition

70cl | 43% ABV

Distilled with fresh Manx strawberries, handpicked in the sunny north of the Isle of Man, ripe fruit flavours give way to juniper, coriander and citrus tones with a creamy smooth vanilla finish.

Manx Dry Gin – Autumn Edition

70cl | 43% ABV

A celebration of 'harvest-time' on the Isle of Man — a season of revelry since Celtic times — our taste of Autumn features crisp Manx apple and crab apple, the earthiness of hand-picked rowanberry and rosehip, and the sweetness of wild-foraged plum.

Manx Dry Gin – Winter Edition

70cl | 43% ABV

A winter wonderment of piney juniper and rich juicy berries (hand foraged on the Isle of Man), with the subtle spice of liquorice and clove, and a smooth, warming, cinnamon finish.

Fynoderee Balloon Glasses

1 case = 6 glasses

Beautifully branded and ideally shaped for presenting perfect serve Fyn & Tonics every time, our iconic Fynoderee branded balloon glasses make a stunning addition to pubs, bars and restaurants.

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On-Trade Online Ordering

Glashtyn Spiced Manx Rum

Manx Bumbee Vodka

70cl | 40% ABV

Made using premium grade, unrefined and organically produced panela sugar cane from the rainforests of Colombia, our entirely Manx fermented and distilled spiced rum has been perfected over many months, with a rich and potent recipe spiced with dried fruit, ginger and cassia, and peppery aniseed notes of Manx Alexander seed.

70cl | 40% ABV

Velvety soft on the palate with a smooth, creamy finish, our characterful Manx Bumbee Vodka is produced by redistilling high quality grain spirit with the tiniest touch of pure Manx honey from the north of the Isle of Man.

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